These 15 truths will put you in control of your life.


Learning and understanding these 15 truths will put you in control of your life.

1. Everyone you know and love is going to die.

2. You are responsible for your own happiness and success.

3. Everything good and bad will come to an end.

4. Be realistic when setting your goals. Have a plan and have ambition. Never give up.

5. Figure it out, find a way or do not complain.

6. Accept ALL things you can not change. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is never guaranteed, and right now is up to you.

7. Love and cherish those who are good to you. Move on and forget the ones who hurt you. You are responsible for who you allow to enter into your mind. Surround yourself with individuals who make you a better person.

8. Never allow hateful, negative people into your life. Respectfully decline all of their attempts.

9. You are not less than or better than the person standing next to you.

10. You will never find happiness searching for it in another person. Happiness begins with you. You will be greatly disappointed when you rely on another for your own happiness.

11. Exercise your mind, body and soul and feed and nourish them well.

12. Be kind.

13. Be grateful.

14. Count your blessings every single day.

15. Forgive.

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