Begin to Love YOU!

I have finally reached that point in my life, that I have heard people speak of, but did not understand until now. I no longer find it necessary to try and impress anyone. If someone feels empowered by saying negative things about me, this is out of my control. It hurts, but I am still good. This is very hard to do, but it is certainly possible! When you put yourself out there, you must expect judgment and ridicule from others. There is no way to stop this from happening. It won’t matter who you are, someone will find fault in everything you do. But, hold your head up high, and forgive them.

It really takes personal courage to be yourself, especially through the most difficult times. Once you allow your authenticity to be revealed, you will not want to go back. There may be times when you will want to stand up for yourself, expressing your hurt by confronting the negativity, but most likely it will come out in ways you will regret,. Don’t do it! I have learned to calm down before I act. Many times tears are a natural side effect from feeling the hurt that others may cause you. This is good, this is healthy, but whatever you do, DO NOT react to them.

Continue to be yourself. Shine your beautiful self, holding nothing back. Here are a few things to practice that will allow you to see your awesomeness!

1. Look in the mirror, (I know even this can be very hard to do), look yourself in the eyes, and say nice things. Example: “You are kind, you are good, you are strong, you are not anything anyone says, you are worth it, and you are beautiful’! This may sound very funny, and the first few times will make you giggle and stop. This took me many, many times. First to be able to look in the mirror and think nice things, let alone say them! If you find you can’t do this, try saying these things out loud first, and repeat them. Once you are comfortable saying them, try the mirror exercise.

2. Do nice things for others. This not only builds your confidence and self esteem, but this is your way of giving back and helping others. We live in a world where many people need your help. Be sure to always lend a hand and smile at everyone!

3. Take a picture of yourself. Yes, a selfie. Before you panic, listen; Those struggling with self esteem and confidence, also struggle to have pictures taken of themselves. Most of my life I hid from the camera. I would NEVER allow pictures, let alone post them on social media. This helps us to practice self love and acceptance. I am not saying post a selfie every day and become obsessed with your physical body image. I am saying be comfortable seeing yourself and your reflection. All people are beautiful but some of our actions make us feel not so pretty. What if we all were able to understand this? What makes us feel ugly and why do we react and do things that will hurt others and ourselves? Most of the time, it’s because we do not respect our worth or like ourselves. Stop this!

4. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: LOVE YOURSELF! Love the good and the bad. Love everything. Learn from the bad and move on. Be grateful for the good and move forward.

You only have one life. It may take many tries, errors, and lessons before we get it right. Turn away from all negativity that will sabotage your positive efforts and continue to grow.

Positive Action

My personal discovery of happiness, that remarkably and powerfully changed my life, became the foundation of everything I live by. Contrary to what we’ve thought the main ingredient and secret to fulfillment and contentment may be, it turns out to be not only positive thinking, but most importantly, positive physical action. YOU can implement good and happiness in all areas of your life no matter what we are facing. Only YOU can make this happen.
Positive thinking is crucial, but positive actions are what complement and change our lives. These actions drive us to do wonderful things. Take a deliberate, positive approach and tackle unexpected stressors with understanding: the outcome is up to you.
Life is going to happen even in your worst moments. You can face the day with a poor attitude, childish antics, throwing in the towel and wallowing in self-pity, or you can face ALL challenges with the understanding that your current situation will not last forever. YOU will change the outcome by implementing positive actions into each and everything you are facing, even in the not so perfect moments.
It is easy to say, “okay, I am ready for whatever the day brings.” But, reality is, sometimes life can certainly challenge our strength and peace of mind. This is when we will need insane courage to stand tall, walk through the confusion and chaos, and learn from everything! There is not one exterior source out there that can do this for you! Trust me, I have tried and I exhausted all avenues before I discovered it was me who needed to step up and take positive action!
I promise you, if you work on your approach you will see wonderful, rewarding outcomes. Your life will change! There are no guarantees, and you won’t win at everything. However, if you are blessed to wake up today, get up and own this day like a champion!

Live each day like it is your last!

It Takes A Village

“Your success as a family, our success as a society, depends not what happens in the white house, but what happens in your house.”

This is my face when I read all of the animosity among us.

We have developed a habit of saying or acting anyway we choose. We shout out on social media, speaking of all the things we feel we are entitled to or disagree with. We get trapped and stuck in a cycle of aggravating disappointment.

Break the exploitation of rudeness and slander, and stop promoting it! Instead, promote all of the things that make you happy and that you love! Happiness is contagious, unfortunately, so is misery and hate.

Take the words and feelings of hate out of your vocabulary and watch your life and those around you begin to change.

We become what we say. The more we lash out on our society and preach of all the things we are pissed off about, the more negative energy circulates among us. Stop pointing fingers and blaming others for all the confusion and uncertainly. Whether you like it or not, we all arrive here the same way, and we will all end the same way!

Why is everyone so angry with one another? Because we have been able to do or say whatever we want to others holding no regard for how this will hurt EVERYONE over time. Pause and think of what a negative impact we are creating.

Look at where hatefulness has gotten us. Are we happy right now with all of the fighting? I know it makes me very sad to watch this behavior. I have avoided social media sites more than ever and have really contemplated pulling all accounts off of them. This negativity has an impact on all of us!

Remember these VERY important facts!
1. We all come from the same universe.
2. We all have to share the same universe.
3. We can either walk side by side, or we can walk angry.
4. When we give hate, we become hateful.
5. When you express love and lend a helping hand, it comes back to you ten times again.
6. YOU can not control the world and everyone in it by lashing out about all the things you think you are entitled to.

It takes a village to make a change and for most people the word change is the scariest in the dictionary. Don’t be hateful, embrace the word that can truly break this pattern, Love.

Life Is Full Of Surprises

We all do it – expertly mapping out our day, our month, our year in our heads. We are quickly reminded that nothing ever goes exactly as planned. We hit a detour, get stuck at a red light, spill our coffee, come down with the flu, get into an argument with our loved ones, forget an important conference with a child’s teacher, say goodbye to someone way too soon…….

Life is meant to have twists and turns and surprises that you never imagined (good and bad, happy and sad). We are not born to live in a straight and narrow line where you can see only the road in front of you. We are going to end up off the path of our desired destination, and that is fine. This is when we will see ALL the hidden beauty in every situation we have faced this far.

Embrace each obstacle and every sudden change, even when things don’t go our way. Learn from every experience (positive and negative), and use it for the next detour. Believe me, there will be a next time. But, you will get through it because you always do.

Live this amazing life my friends!

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Life Is A Blessing

If we aren’t able to look beyond our current situations, we will miss incredible opportunities. Dreams can certainly become realities. There are possibilities everywhere. You just need to find them and believe in them.
You fall, you rise, you make mistakes, you live, you learn. You’re human, not perfect. You’ve been hurt, but you’re alive. Think of what a precious privilege it is to breathe, to think, to enjoy life, and to chase the things that you love the most.
Sometimes there will be sadness in your journey, but you must look at all of the beautiful blessings that surround you every day. Continue putting one foot in front of the other even when we hurt, for we will never know what is waiting just around the bend.
Life is a blessing. You are a gift. Have a grateful heart for all you have accomplished. It takes insane courage to move beyond anything that is holding you back. Have faith and believe in yourself, it will change EVERYTHING.

Life Is Always What We Make It

Life is always what we make it! Sometimes we have to hurt to grow, lose to win, and fall in order to stand tall. Sometimes life makes us feel ugly and worthless and sometimes life makes us feel wonderful.

You have to hold on through all of it, even when it’s rough, especially when it’s rough! Easy roads will never create strength and real people are never perfect. They learn to embrace their faults and mistakes and use them to learn and grow.
The battle you have with yourself, the one where you doubt your purpose in this life and doubt you can overcome your current situation, you can, you are worth it, you have the power to change the direction of where your life is going because you are in control.

How you look at others or how you view the world is a direct reflection of your own thoughts about your life and your own self. Look around you and discover all of the disguised blessings. With every bad thing that has ever happened there is a choice you will need to make. Follow the lesson and learn, become the person you have longed to be and follow every dream that comes your way, or you can wallow in self pity, guilt and shame.

Never give up on believing you are better than any mistake you have made. You are beautiful and you are worth every ounce of happiness you allow yourself to have.

Disguised Blessings

Life is not just about accomplishments and success, it is also about contributing to the well-being of others in a world we are no longer able to disagree with another or hold our own personal beliefs. We have way too many critics and not enough peacemakers living among all of us. Everyone seems to want to fight, dispute, and scream their opinions for the entire world to hear the anger in their voices. We need to stop being so angry with each other. Convert this expression and passion into something useful to our society. Create ways to improve and help others by letting go of your anger and the need to control the universe.

About two years ago I wrote a book never thinking I would have it published. Now here I am getting ready to share my story with all of you!

Disguised Blessings is a heartfelt autobiography I wrote about much of the abuse I endured growing up. It is a self-help book that gives hope to all of its readers. My personal transformation, my childhood trauma and how I was able to change my beliefs about the world we live in. There are so many good people out there, I just could not see them. It is possible to forgive and love, but you must want to change and you must face those dark days with the understanding that nothing from your past can ever hurt you again.

I want my story to be told to inspire and help individuals who are facing similar struggles, pain, and heartache. There is always hope, there is always a way out of any situation: you must want to live, you must want to be strong enough to pull yourself out of all obstacles that come your way! You have the power to “unstick” yourself. We do not have to live life as a result of what happened to us. We are never responsible for anyone’s actions against us, however, we are responsible for how we represent ourselves after the trauma.

This is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, but I know in my heart this book is going to save so many individuals going through past or present trauma. This is my contribution and it is time for me to share my story. I want to help others know they are not alone and we are all capable of doing wonderful things in this world.

Life is truly amazing!