“I have felt a very strong push to tell my story to others, because it shows we have the power to realize that change is possible. It graphically demonstrates that what we tell ourselves today is what really matters—NOT where we were yesterday!

My story is real, honest, and true. I no longer have hate, resentment, or anger toward anyone from past events. My heart has forgiven, and I am at peace. My anger is understood and controlled. I am, for the first time, happy and content with the person I fought so hard to become. I am thankful for all the good, bad, and in-between events because they have made me who I am today: strong, capable of anything, and thankful that I am blessed.

In my late thirties, a few life-changing events forced me to open the door to my past and unlock all of the horrible incidents that had taken place in my younger years. I was determined to find the answers and make the change. So I did.

My addictions would surface into my life, one way or another. When I say “addiction,” I am not speaking of hard street drugs and/or alcohol. My addictions included food, sugar, diet pills, laxatives, exercise, nicotine, and toxic relationships. I eventually got so sick and tired of my own bullshit that I took all necessary steps required to change.

I had longed for a better life; I simply didn’t understand at the time that the determining factor was inside of me. I finally discovered that no one could do it for me. I would need to save myself. I had to start making better choices, because my life and future depended on what I chose to do from here on out.

It was time for me to stop making excuses and take action. I had been taking the easy way out every day, but I was suffering because of my daily choices. In my early twenties, I had begun intensively researching health and fitness. I studied hard and tried, time after time, to find a program that worked. Finally, in my late thirties, I came up with a formula that would not only change my life, my physical appearance, and my mental health—but it also began changing the lives of others who implemented my programs. It was transformational! I no longer needed anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drugs.

I began making better lifestyle choices (sometimes slowly, but continuously) that felt right and good to me. My life completely opened up and became a lot more FUN, happy, and meaningful. Those right choices—which we CAN make each day—will set us free.

None of this means that I’m “perfect” when it comes to diet or exercise, but my life changed drastically once I was able to control my food and exercise. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been. Now that I have control over my addictions, I understand that everything I put into my body will affect my mood, energy, health, and ultimately my quality of life. I began to heal my entire being from the inside out. I knew the exterior appearance would fall into place once I was able to manage my emotions and figure out why my life had been so unmanageable.

We all make choices, and we are capable of turning our lives around and making changes in order to be genuinely happy. It does not matter where we come from, what we have done in our past, or how far “gone” we think we are. None of that will ever matter. What matters most are the choices we make today.

It’s never too late. The truth within can set us free, and it can even help us inspire others. And that’s why I am writing this book.

I have come to the realization that nothing anyone does is really about us. If we can allow the actions of others to slip by—and if we can manage to not take them personally—our lives can become our own. In understanding this, I have also discovered what I do is never about anyone else. What I do is all about finding satisfaction for myself.

Accomplishment and discovery come from the choices we make. It’s about seeking and expressing yourself and the resulting emotions that are evoked. If you give kindness and positivity, you will be consumed with happiness and a genuine sense of self-worth. If you display unkind and hurtful behaviors to another, you will become consumed with hate and disappointment.

Others are just mirrors showing us what our actions really look like. We are what we are surrounded by; we become the reflection that is displayed. For example, when you lend a helping hand to someone, the expression from the person you are helping is displayed as a grateful smile. That smile fills your heart with meaning and purpose, which is a direct reflection of that specific action. Conversely, if you cause harm to another in the physical form or attempt to alter their emotional well-being, you will see an expression of rejection, judgment, and ridicule that makes your heart sad.

Life is about seeking to express yourself with an understanding that emotions are evoked. We can see reflected in others the emotions we feel within ourselves. “We reap what we sow.”
The reality is, we all have the power to choose how to express ourselves. Once the expression is transformed into action, we watch it reflected back to us. This means our own actions have a positive or negative impact on our lives.
I dedicate my story to those who have lost all hope for a better life. If you feel stuck in a world that moves on without you, it is time to get up and get moving! I spent years being misunderstood and rejected, only to find out it was me who had the power to change the outcome of my life all along. The same is true for you.

I wish all of you the best of luck on your journey!”

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