Move Forward With Your Ego Intact and Your Self-Worth Undamaged by Following These Steps


“When you judge another, you do not define them; you define yourself as someone who needs judged.”

In today’s turbulent times there is judgment, ridicule and defacement. Why? Because it has been allowed, justified and continued by way too many people in recent years.

When we put ourselves out there, in the public eye, we are immediately judged by people with a different point of view, who are misinformed, stubborn, jealous or just hateful.

You must understand that arguing with everyone who disagrees with you is not the answer to solving the world’s current problems. Your opinion will NEVER change another person’s rooted beliefs. So why do some still continue to make attempts on conforming those around them making attempts FORCING others believe the way they do? Some will never accept that the world consists of humans from all walks of life, carrying various beliefs and knowledge. Learn to accept this respectfully!

Those who continue to search for arguments believe that judgment is the only way to win their personal battles. It gives a sense of empowerment that has never been present in their previous life. Whatever you do, don’t fight back. This does not mean what you believe is not worth validation. This simply means you are wise enough to know the difference in what will create positive change in the world, and what will eventually destroy it!

What we fail to understand:if the fighting amongst us continues, we are subjecting ourselves to bigger unimaginable disasters!

In order to move forward with your self-worth undamaged and your ego intact follow these few tips:

1. Never respond when you are offended by someone.

When you respond because you took what another person has said personally, you respond using your defense mechanisms and it ALWAYS ends badly. You won’t get your point across, and some really enjoy a good argument. They will always need to have the last word, even when they are wrong. Avoid spewing out verbal attacks, and NEVER respond to hateful, judgmental, people.

2. If someone targets you specifically, ignore them. NEVER respond when you are angry.

When we are angry we lose our filters. We say things to protect ourselves, but it makes matters much worse. We continue adding fuel to a burning fire that will eventually destroy everything around us.

PUT THE FIRE OUT! Don’t add fuel to it! Repair the damage by not fighting back, allow the flames to diminish. Who wants to live in a thick cloud of smoke? I certainly do not. You can breathe much easier when the air is clean and you can see things for what they really are!

3. Say “thank you”.

If you warrant a person’s opinion of you and you have given them the opportunity to judge you, accept the challenge by saying “thank you”. You may not agree with the criticism, but thanking them will give you the ability to respond without arguing, and it will throw them completely off their game.

If you are looking for a good fight, join a boxing class!

We may not agree with one another, but we all have to share the same universe and it is up to YOU to make this a safe place to live!

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