and you can start any time. Chara Davis learned that the hard way after years of feeling victimized. But learn it she did and she shares her story, her revelations, and her truth in hopes of inspiring others going through their own toughest of times.

What Chara tells—holding nothing back—is the story of her life. For a number of reasons it was not an easy one. It went from happy and content to being dark and dismal literally overnight.
It started when Chara was just four and her mom became very ill. It went downhill from there. She was shuffled off to relatives and family friends, one of whom was a child abuser. But who would believe a little kid?

As things became more difficult and dysfunctional, Chara became increasingly troubled and overweight. Disrupted dreams were her lot. In her late thirties a recovery center located in Malibu, California, would save her life.

While neither an alcoholic nor an addict, Chara was able to gain admittance to a program that addressed her childhood trauma and put her on a path that not only changed her future, it changed the way she saw—and related to—her past.

How Chara approached her recovery will open your eyes to new possibilities for yourself. Even better, who she has become will inspire you to reach for them.

There are many things to be gained from this book. If you approach what Chara says with neutrality and an open mind, you can free yourself from viewing your past as a forever imprint of heartache, darkness and failure. Let go of what drags you down and start to recognize your own disguised blessings so you can propel yourself into a bright and happy future.