Stop Fast -Forwarding Your Life


Stop Fast-Forwarding Your Life.
Enjoy the present moment, even when it is hard. As a matter of fact, enjoy every moment in this life, good and bad, because these moments will never happen again. No matter how hard you try to go back or fast-forward to a new day, right now is our only guarantee in this life!

Remember, the past is gone and the future is still uncertain. Live now because it may be all you ever have. Really think about that, and let it sink in. Now is all we have, nothing after is ever guaranteed. I say this often because it is reality. Tomorrow is never promised, yet we spend much of our time looking ahead to better things, when really our present moment will never happen again.

We spend our days, working, running our children here and there, preparing for tomorrow, next week and looking ahead to next month. It is great to organize and prepare, but don’t forget to be present and in the moment, especially with our children. The older my children become, the more this really sinks in.

Of course I am like many mothers who look back wishing they would have done things differently. Here are a few things I try not to dwell on as a parent.

  • Changing the past.
  • Wishing my kids were small again.
  • Wishing I had done things differently when they were little.
  • Looking ahead to any obstacles that may arise as my children grow into young adults.
  • Stop saying “what if”.

“While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”

I try not to look ahead at the “what ifs” and stay in the present moment with any loved one. What we have now is what matters the most. We will learn and grow as we get older, so be the best version of you right now.

Life is ironic and we will never fully understand it. It takes some of us to experience disaster, sadness, silence, absence, grief or loss to learn how to appreciate victory, happiness, noise, presence, and life. Always value what is right in front of you. Stop looking to the future or behind at the past, dwelling on old regrets speeding through the day wishing it would end and a new one would begin.

Here’s the thing: we are missing the awesome blessings standing right in front of us!

As tempting as it is to believe that the future is going to be all sunshine and rainbows, the truth is that it doesn’t get better in the future unless you make it so. Keep in mind, you will be the one to achieve the future you desire. You have to do the work to make it better, and that involves being here now.

Stop dwelling on your past, things that annoy you in your day-to-day life, or the fact that you’re miserable at your job, use them to grow and make decisions about what needs to change to make your life better right now.

When you learn to recognize what you already have, any additions will be a bonus.


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