Warning readers; The word “Jesus” is used in the following post!

Warning readers; The word “Jesus” is used in the following post!
Think before you speak!
Sometimes what we say, we really don’t mean, or we say things when we are angry, sad or having an off day that may shock and hurt the people around you.
Have you ever wished you could take something back that you have said to someone? I am sure ALL of you have regretted certain conversations or verbal outbursts on another at some point throughout your life.
Readers, keep in mind, there will be times that others say things to you or in front of you that will make you feel uncomfortable. We now have a social media gateway for people to do and say whatever they want. It is quite disturbing if you ask me. I no longer scroll though my news feed feeling inspired, I feel sad for many, hopeful for others and pray for the hateful.
Remember this; sometimes what they say really means something else. I know, I know, it doesn’t make it easier but keep reading.
When we are misinformed, fearful and uncertain about a person or situation, we may participate in a verbal attack before we have made the time to count to ten, calm down, and think before we speak.
Our children are listening to everything. They are a product of what they are around and what they hear from you. Keep in mind, how they will process angry words is much different than how an adult will.
Many times what we are feeling does not come out the right way. We are reacting and may not understand why the words are spilling out in a way that will shock our listeners. Or worse, we may be fully aware and do it anyway! Have respect, honor everyone and everything.
Here is a great example!
My aunt sent this email to me a few months ago, reminding me how our words may really mean something completely different to us, but still make others feel uncomfortable.
This is a conversation my Uncle Scott overheard from me, who was four years old at the time, with my two year old sister, driving home from an outing.
To my sister, love you! LOl!
Message from my aunt:
“Hey Chara. Quick story. You were four years old and uncle Scott, my brother, was watching you. You said “F&*%” he said “what did you say?” You said “F$*%??!!” He said “Chara Lynne Kilby WHAT did you just say?” Your little chin wobbled and you said “I said Jesus loves all the little children!”
I remember this conversation I was having with my two year old sister at the time. I was venting to her and this was a word a chose to use. However, once it was brought to my attention that is was a bad word, I automatically reversed the conversation to a softer version of what I really should have said. I didn’t know what the “F” word meant, I was only repeating it. However, my family did a great job, especially my Nina (grandmother), bringing Jesus into my life before I was even born. So I knew who exactly who he was at a very young age.
Wouldn’t this be AWESOME, if we could switch gears as adults? If we could take back what we had previously said and replace it with a word or sentence that will make the person you are speaking to feel good? Unfortunately we can NOT. SO think before you speak because what you say can have a serious impact on all those around you.
Try to pause when you are fearful, hurt or angry, speak once you have counted to 10 and always use your words wisely. We live with so many regrets as it is, words will stick and you can NEVER take them back. Facebook is not the place for war and arguments, hate and anger, it is a place to be inspired, love, and be motivated.
Come on people STOP clogging up our news feed with negativity. Break the cycle today!

What do you want your life to look like?

Many times throughout my life, I found myself stuck on a path I wish I had never ventured onto. I knew something needed to change, but never understood how to get there. I felt empty, unhappy and could not explain why I was here again.
We use distractions in order to keep us from facing our real problems. The easiest thing to do when we are overwhelmed or stressed is to fall back into similar behaviors and routines.
Have you ever found yourself obsessing over what you thought was healthy and gave you a false sense of control. I know I have. I would start obsessing over my food and nutrition, working out, and then turn around and eat a container of ice cream, skip 4 out of 5 workouts and give up health and fitness completely, or for a few weeks anyway.
Stress and avoidance will keep you going back to the same place you have tried to avoid many times. You must learn to tune out all the noise and follow your heart. All the answers you need to solve any dilemma are inside of you.
If you find yourself continuing to move through life without direction and moving nowhere, it is time to stop spinning in circles. You will not be able to make wise life-changing decisions if you continue to spin. Trust me, I know this firsthand.
Ask yourself the following questions:
1. What do you want your life to look like?
2. Are you happy with where you are and what you have accomplished this far?
3. What needs to change now in order for you to be where you really want to go?
4. What are you doing to make your dreams your reality?
Whatever your answers are, trust yourself. Write them down and get out there and do all of the things that are missing from your answers.
Seriously think about this: what do you want your life to look like? Take out all of the negative thoughts that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential. You will find out soon enough, those visions and dreams are now your reality.
Be humble with your success and continue moving forward with a grateful heart. Count your blessings every day. Don’t ever take one person, place, or thing for granted. Continue to dream big, and most importantly, follow your dreams!
If you are not happy, take all necessary steps to change this. There are plenty of circumstances out of our control, death is one of them. However, if your health, job, or relationships are stressing you out and making you miserable, change it! Yes, change the situation and watch the outcome be in your favor.
Don’t just quit your job before you have secured another, but if you are not doing what you really love, you will find yourself dreading each day. Your stress levels will rise preventing you from enjoying life. Stop thinking you are not good enough or worthy enough to do your dream job, because I am telling you, YOU are!
But…….Is it really your job you hate? Or, is it something else?
If you find yourself in a relationship that no longer has meaning or purpose, get out of it. Yes, that’s right, walk away and move forward. Toxic and unhealthy relationships will alter your overall well-being and use an energy source required for a healthy life. When you waste your time and energy on negative people, places, or things, you will hit a dead end each time. You will have nothing left to give yourself or others who are on your side. You find yourself spinning in all directions once again without a clear vision of the future.
If you want to lose weight and make healthier food choices, do it! Stop thinking about it, do it! It will take work and movement. Lazy will not be an option when it comes to exercise. Excuses will not get results.
Do everything that is required to make a positive change!
If you are on the wrong path, get off. Follow your heart. One step at a time in the right direction is one step closer to living your dream!
When you align your actions with your dreams, everything you do will magnetize you in their direction.
Dreams do come true when you follow that path that leads directly to them!

Life Is Full Of Surprises

We all do it – expertly mapping out our day, our month, our year in our heads. We are quickly reminded that nothing ever goes exactly as planned. We hit a detour, get stuck at a red light, spill our coffee, come down with the flu, get into an argument with our loved ones, forget an important conference with a child’s teacher, say goodbye to someone way too soon…….

Life is meant to have twists and turns and surprises that you never imagined (good and bad, happy and sad). We are not born to live in a straight and narrow line where you can see only the road in front of you. We are going to end up off the path of our desired destination, and that is fine. This is when we will see ALL the hidden beauty in every situation we have faced this far.

Embrace each obstacle and every sudden change, even when things don’t go our way. Learn from every experience (positive and negative), and use it for the next detour. Believe me, there will be a next time. But, you will get through it because you always do.

Live this amazing life my friends!

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Life Is A Blessing

If we aren’t able to look beyond our current situations, we will miss incredible opportunities. Dreams can certainly become realities. There are possibilities everywhere. You just need to find them and believe in them.
You fall, you rise, you make mistakes, you live, you learn. You’re human, not perfect. You’ve been hurt, but you’re alive. Think of what a precious privilege it is to breathe, to think, to enjoy life, and to chase the things that you love the most.
Sometimes there will be sadness in your journey, but you must look at all of the beautiful blessings that surround you every day. Continue putting one foot in front of the other even when we hurt, for we will never know what is waiting just around the bend.
Life is a blessing. You are a gift. Have a grateful heart for all you have accomplished. It takes insane courage to move beyond anything that is holding you back. Have faith and believe in yourself, it will change EVERYTHING.

Life Is Always What We Make It

Life is always what we make it! Sometimes we have to hurt to grow, lose to win, and fall in order to stand tall. Sometimes life makes us feel ugly and worthless and sometimes life makes us feel wonderful.

You have to hold on through all of it, even when it’s rough, especially when it’s rough! Easy roads will never create strength and real people are never perfect. They learn to embrace their faults and mistakes and use them to learn and grow.
The battle you have with yourself, the one where you doubt your purpose in this life and doubt you can overcome your current situation, you can, you are worth it, you have the power to change the direction of where your life is going because you are in control.

How you look at others or how you view the world is a direct reflection of your own thoughts about your life and your own self. Look around you and discover all of the disguised blessings. With every bad thing that has ever happened there is a choice you will need to make. Follow the lesson and learn, become the person you have longed to be and follow every dream that comes your way, or you can wallow in self pity, guilt and shame.

Never give up on believing you are better than any mistake you have made. You are beautiful and you are worth every ounce of happiness you allow yourself to have.

Disguised Blessings

Life is not just about accomplishments and success, it is also about contributing to the well-being of others in a world we are no longer able to disagree with another or hold our own personal beliefs. We have way too many critics and not enough peacemakers living among all of us. Everyone seems to want to fight, dispute, and scream their opinions for the entire world to hear the anger in their voices. We need to stop being so angry with each other. Convert this expression and passion into something useful to our society. Create ways to improve and help others by letting go of your anger and the need to control the universe.

About two years ago I wrote a book never thinking I would have it published. Now here I am getting ready to share my story with all of you!

Disguised Blessings is a heartfelt autobiography I wrote about much of the abuse I endured growing up. It is a self-help book that gives hope to all of its readers. My personal transformation, my childhood trauma and how I was able to change my beliefs about the world we live in. There are so many good people out there, I just could not see them. It is possible to forgive and love, but you must want to change and you must face those dark days with the understanding that nothing from your past can ever hurt you again.

I want my story to be told to inspire and help individuals who are facing similar struggles, pain, and heartache. There is always hope, there is always a way out of any situation: you must want to live, you must want to be strong enough to pull yourself out of all obstacles that come your way! You have the power to “unstick” yourself. We do not have to live life as a result of what happened to us. We are never responsible for anyone’s actions against us, however, we are responsible for how we represent ourselves after the trauma.

This is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, but I know in my heart this book is going to save so many individuals going through past or present trauma. This is my contribution and it is time for me to share my story. I want to help others know they are not alone and we are all capable of doing wonderful things in this world.

Life is truly amazing!